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Join us on a transformational journey and learn to live your work
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The 7 Biggest Mistakes to AVOID When Growing Your Coaching Businesses

This "No-fluff" Masterclass Will Debunk Some of the Biggest Myths Marketers or Business Coaches are Teaching & Will Provide You a SIMPLIFIED FRAMEWORK to Build A $100K + Coaching Business

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In this 90min Masterclass,
You will learn:

  • Why 90% of transformative coaches never make more than $40,000 per year, along with the 7 "dead-end" strategies that most coaches spend their time on (that don't yield results!)
  • ​The exact steps I took to build a million dollar coaching business organically from the ground up (with $0 spent on ads)
  • How the coaching industry is changing with the growing amount of coaches today, and exactly what it takes to make your competition irrelevant 
  • ​How to position yourself to be paid abundantly for the exceptional value that you provide and are WORTH, even if you haven’t felt comfortable with charging in the past 
  • ​My simplified 5-Step Framework for growing a full-time coaching business that gets IMMEDIATE results--allowing you to give your gifts and do the work you were put on this earth for
  • ​​....and much much more! 


Preston Smiles

Winner of "Millennial Mentor of the Year," Preston has graced the cover of Inspired Coach Magazine and Millennial Magazine, and he has been featured on some of the biggest podcasts and media platforms in the world, such as Impact Theory and The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.

 In the last 6 years, he has published 2 Best selling books with publishers Simon & Schuster, Inc., generated over 3 MILLION views on Youtube, over 7 MILLION views on his Facebook page, and has created multiple 6-figures online through digital courses and masterminds. 

 He is now passionate about working with coaches who have a gift of transformation but haven't found a way to grow that into a profitable business yet. He focuses on the straight-forward fundamentals, while providing mindset coaching to help coaches break through the "BS" that is holding them back from a life of HIGH income and MASSIVE impact.
"[Preston is] one of the true emerging leaders of our time...."

 – Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author and Founder of The Agape Spiritual Center
Preston Smiles is the light house of hope....[he] is and always will be The Real Fricken Deal!”

 – Joel Brown, Founder of The #1 Motivation Website
“I’ve sent many people to Preston Smiles, because I always know he’ll deliver value”

 – Lewis Howes, New York Times Best Selling Author of The School of Greatness
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