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 June 14, 2021 - June 18, 2021  

Become an
Unapologetic Coach

The 5-Day Challenge to Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs, Own Your Worth & Market Yourself Authentically Online

Starting June 14 at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST

Troy Mc Teer

“ #WIN Getting out of my own way! This container has helped me step into my truth and not be afraid anymore. I booked 2 discovery calls and have 7 people interested in my coaching!  ”

Amie Barsky

“#WINNNNN... fun, exciting, successful SALES CALL.... I offered my full package price without hesitation. My intuition said "stick to what you know you are worth, the value you bring, and give her a call she will never forget' 

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Are you a dope coach that isn’t playing out FULLY online?

Then don't miss this special LIVE 5-Day Challenge

Throughout the last 15 years, I've met THOUSANDS of talented coaches and healers...

They've spent years honing their craft (often earning MULTIPLE certifications) and have completely TRANSFORMED the few clients they've worked with. 

They are brilliant coaches... But their success stops there.

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 #UnapologeticCoach Challenge, starting...

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The Consequence of Brilliant Coaches Playing Small... 

  • They don’t learn to speak their message online in a way that resonates and captivates
  • They often hide out online, never sure on how to promote themselves or how it will be received 
  • They never figure out how to find repeatable clients in their niche
  • ​They don’t feel confident in their business systems or in themselves to quit their day job and focus on giving their gifts full time
  • ​They don’t feel good about charging high-ticket for personal transformation or for something that comes “easy” to them 

...And because of that, they never build the business on their heart that’s been on the back burner for years. 

The Untold “Secret” To Growing Your Coaching Business Online...

Most coaches are looking for the “next big thing” when it comes to growing their business online. 

Logo.  Ads.  Funnels. Clickfunnels. Websites. Social Media Templated Packs made on Canva… I get it. 

But none of that actually matters unless you have mastered your online presence and have become an unapologetic coach.

Yup, that means: 

  • Being seen and sharing your content (even if it’s controversial!) no matter where 
  • Coming out with your message online so that your friends, family, exes, or old high school friends KNOW you’re a coach 
  • Overcoming the need for to be liked or approved of in order to share your truth
  • ​Owning your stories and messy life experiences that uniquely qualify YOU to be a powerful coach
  • Commanding top dollar for your transformational services (ie. no longer trading dollars for hours)

And when YOU embody this unapologetic expression and personal freedom, you invite your clients to do the same. You become MAGNETIC to your prospective clients.

In Just 5 Days, Master Coach, Preston Smiles, 
Will Challenge You To: 


Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

Get over the negative self talk and beliefs that creep into your corner and prevent you from marketing yourself. It’s time to come out of hiding and bring out the inner badass for your community to see and FEEL. 


Discover Your Unique Essence

Get intentional about your content by discovering YOUR unique essence. Learn my formula for unearthing your unique message based on your life experiences in a way that captures and captivates an audience.


Channel Your Wisdom On Camera

It’s time to be heard and received for the medicine only you offer. Get into STATE and SPEAK in a way that captures your ideal client. Effective content is engaging content. Learn how to channel your wisdom and perfect your energetic “come from” so you can deliver a message that cannot be duplicated.  


Amplify Your Social Media Presence

Set yourself up for success by following these simple steps to BOOST YOUR VISIBILITY online. Maintain a steady stream of sales and clients by practicing the tips and tricks I’ve used to grow a 250,000+ sized community - that buys! 


Take Aligned Action Towards Being Visible

Practice makes progress, PROGRESS creates confidence, and CONFIDENCE leads to opportunities. On our final day of the challenge, we’ll tie all the pieces together by taking courageous and aligned action, so you can walk away with full clarity and confidence to do it over and over again. 

Join our 5-Day 
 #UnapologeticCoach Challenge, Starting...

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PLUS: When You Join LIVE, You’ll Also Receive an Exclusive Money Mindset Bonus Training: 

Create An Unstoppable Money Mindset: Value Your Gifts & Charge Your Worth

Rewrite and REWIRE your mindset around worthiness and receiving so that you can raise your coaching package prices with ease
​Dismantle the unhealthy programming and "stories" you internalized as a child around your money beliefs, so that you can define, declare and DESIGN a whole new abundance factor! 
Integrate flow and ease as you build the belief-body to hold higher-paying clients with LESS work (ie. no more under-charging and OVER-delivering!)
Discover how to dramatically increase your income so that you can finally have the business, lifestyle, and freedom you desire.

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To go Full-Time with coaching, you must learn to be UNAPOLOGETIC. Own Your Worth. Speak your Truth. Market Yourself Fiercely.

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About Your Presenters

Preston Smiles

With the success of his new books, LOVE LOUDER: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life and the bestseller NOW OR NEVER: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps published by the world renown Simon & Schuster, Preston is breaking all the rules, and carving out his own path as a Next Generation Thought Leader. 
Recently winning Elixir Magazine’s Millennial Mentor Award, Preston has generated millions of views with his message of LOVE, and personal freedom. Making a deep impact through writing, speaking, and inspirational videos, using his unique gift to make complex ideas simple and relatable.
He's been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, Origin Magazine and many others. He's also a contributor to Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Good Guy Swag, and has appeared on top podcasts such as Lewis Howes’s The School of Greatness and Addicted2Success. 
"My job is to hold you to doing the thing you've never done... and then some (insert: a$$ kicking)."
I’ve made it my mission to support people from all walks of life, to turn their WOUNDS into WISDOM, their pain into power and to experience the highest heights of joy through a specialized method I’ve developed over the years. 
I don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” approach, so my style is a blend of my favorite teachings in Positive Psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), New Thought Teachings, Somatic Wisdom of the Body, Human Behavior Psychology, Vedic Meditation, Gestalt Therapy, Breath-Work, Ontological Coaching, Experiential Embodiment Work, and so much more.”

Zion Kim

Zion is the CEO of 1MT and the co-creator of the R.O.I. Method and the founder of Project Nuclear. 
He was kicked out of business school his freshman year and has since started six, 6 and 7 figure companies, two of them while still an undergrad. His company 1MT is on a mission to support 1 million entrepreneurs to 7 figures and beyond to add a trillion dollars to the global economy.

Join our 5-Day 
 #UnapologeticCoach Challenge, Starting...


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