The 5 Step Framework to Booking High Paying Coaching Clients

Activate Your Untapped Potential & Build a Profitable & Aligned Online Coaching Business

Master the Key Energetic Shifts and Exact Step-by-Step Strategy I Used to Grow My Coaching Business to over $600,000 Per Year.  


In This Mindset-Shattering Masterclass, 
You Will Learn: 


How to feel confident making good money for the medicine on your heart - learn the simple steps that are fast-tracking our clients to tens of thousands of dollars (when they do the work & stay consistent) 


How to facilitate an empowering sales conversation that sells YOU - So that your clients are excited to pay you, have a supportive experience, and to move you through blocks you might have around receiving money for your gifts. 


How to SIMPLIFY business: Why you can still create BIG results even if you have no social media following, email list, etc - How our students with zero social media following can create $50k cash months.


How to Overcome Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt or Imposter Syndrome - so that you can unapologetically embody the powerful leader you know you are 


The mindset reframe that will give you a permission slip for MASSIVE success in your coaching business, especially if you are someone who values integrity, and building a business in alignment.
If ANY of the following Are True For You, You MUST Attend This Masterclass… 

You Know You're Good at What You Do & Can Help People

... but you're ready to leave your job so that you have the business stability to go-full time on your service/ passion/ calling. 

You're Desiring to Go FULL Time as a Coach

But you know you tense up at the thought of building/ selling your thing… So you want the strategic + energetic support to know what steps to take next. 

You Want to Help More People, More Profoundly

You know you have magic to give, so now you want to create a business that helps more people, without burning yourself out or devaluing your time. 

You Know You're Playing Small & "Hiding" Out 

You know that there are parts of your business that you are completely avoiding because of confusion, or fear of visibility and putting your message out there. 
Plus!  You’ll Receive a Special BONUS Workbook When You Attend
Yup, we’ll give you the same workbook we’ve given our students to help them get clearer on: 
  • Who their ideal avatar is 
  • How to speak to and attract their ideal avatar online
  • How create a coaching package that will make their future clients open their wallets 

What Preston Has Helped His Clients Achieve:

A note from Preston, Your Host of This Masterclass

I’ve been building my coaching business for the last 7 years, and in that time, I’ve seen a lot of “business gurus” rise up and claim that they have the BEST path/ strategy for coaches to be able to make money online in their coaching business… 

But those people often aren’t coaches themselves. 

They’re not in “the work” of showing up in the world as the fullest, most true expression of themselves- like I assume that you are- so they might prescribe strategies create the BLUEPRINT but can't coach the PERSON behind the business. 

As someone who’s created over $600,000 from just 1 simple framework that I'm about to teach you, I know how to make the strategies simple, but more importantly, I know how to walk a fellow coach through getting past the ego and the mindsets blocks that are standing in the way of a dream business. 

THAT is why we talk about both the STRATEGIC and the ENERGETICS. Because when YOU are the product, ALL of your 'stuff' comes up when it comes to putting yourself out there and charging your WORTH.

YUP...We're about to GO THERE.

Much Love, 
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