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Stretch 22 begins May 2, 2023 and includes 4 months of group coaching with Preston Smiles.
Once accepted into Stretch 22, you will receive:
  • Mentorship & Hot-Seat Coaching with Preston biweekly in a group setting, including somatic practices, and real time edgy challenges
  • ​The Core Stretch 22 Curriculum: including 22 "stretches" designed to reveal your edges, and train your somatic body to be unapologetically free
  • ​A series of personalized "stretches" designed for YOU by myself and your personal coach for you to face off with your biggest fear or growth opportunity
  • ​Bi-Weekly Small Group Coaching & Accountability Calls With Your Head Coach (there is 1 Head Coach per every 6 people. We keep it small and intimate)
  • ​1:1 Coaching in a Small Group Setting Weekly With Your Head Coach 
  • ​Monthly Sacred Circle Healing, Revealing, & Reclaiming Ceremonies
  • Marco Polo Messaging App for ongoing communication, connection and in between call support
  • ​​Private Facebook Group where you'll interact with me and my superstar guests on LIVES
  • ​​DAILY Accountability like you've never seen before
Preston Smiles International