Super Simple Steps + Massive Accountability for Coaches Wanting to Go "Full-Time"

Learn The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Create More CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CASH Flow in Your Coaching Business

Super Simple Steps + Massive Accountability for Coaches Wanting to Go "Full-Time"

Learn The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Create More CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CASH Flow in Your Coaching Business

In Just 10 Weeks: Implement the KaBOOM Roadmap that Generates High-Paying Clients

Break Down Your Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success, And Finally Turn Your Passion For Transformation Into A SUSTAINABLE Coaching Business

Want to Know Why 90% of Coaches, Healers, or Private Practice Therapists Never Make More than $40,000 Per Year?

Here’s the truth: 

The real reason so many life coaches, business coaches, health coaches or healers never become wildly successful is because they never learn the true fundamentals of what it takes to build a business. 

They never focus on MONEY making parts of their business. 

Does this sound like you?

Throughout the last 15 years, I've met THOUSANDS of talented coaches and healers who've spent years honing their craft (often earning MULTIPLE certifications) and have completely TRANSFORMED the few clients they've worked with. 

They are brilliant coaches... But their success stops there.

  • They never figure out how to find repeatable clients in their niche
  • They never earn enough to quit their day job and focus on giving their gifts full time
  • They never feel good about charging money for personal transformation
  • ​they never focus on what really matters for growing a business


What You Won’t Hear from Mainstream Marketers or Business Coaches! 

Whenever I work with new coaches, I quickly see that they've been sold a story of "over-complication" for how to move the needle forward.  I see they are focusing on a lot of the WRONG THINGS like:

Runnings ads too soon

Scripting webinars or building "lead magnets"

Getting certification after certification 

Social media followers

Building an email list 

​Having a fancy website

...all to avoid the business side of things.

None of the above is wrong or bad, it’s just not even close to what’s necessary to get clients.

Unfortunately there’s just too much out there saying you have to do these things to make it, which inevitably leaves coaches feeling LOST, BURNED OUT, and wasting a lot of TIME.

The Good News Is... There's Another Way

Growing a Profitable Coaching Business Can Be SIMPLE if You Focus on the Fundamentals 

I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of coaches, just like you,  weed through the "noise" of the industry, master the fundamentals that build profitable businesses that generate clients consistently -- clients that pay $3,000, $6,000 or even $10,000 for per coaching package. 

 Throughout that time, I've built and refined a 5-Step Framework to generate clients that focuses the stuff that actually matters - the stuff that moves the needle. 

And hear me: you do NOT need Facebook, a webinar, a big social media following, an email list, or ads... don't even need a website.


By Mastering the 5-Step Framework That I'm About to Share With You, You'll Be Able To: 

  • Take on just a few clients a month, but generate up to $100,000 per year
  • ​Have all the tools and resources to consistently book clients in any niche without ANY more business courses 
  • ​​Have the confidence to speak about what you ANYONE at ANYTIME
  • ​Show the world the "authentic you" in a way that produces massive IMPACT and INTEREST
  • Spend all your working hours giving your gifts and doing the work you were put on this earth for


KABOOM is a 10-week program for coaches who feel they are meant to create deep impact in their coaching business, but don't know HOW.

Through our simplified step-by-step blueprint and hands-on support, our clients receive massive clarity, confidence and CASHFLOW in their coaching business.

You've gotten the tap on your shoulder that you're here for something BIG...You're meant for something MORE. 

It's time to step forward. 
 It's time to step up.

"It has transformed my business exponentially already. I just signed up two new client yesterday...I have people waiting to join a course that I set up WHILE in the program!"

-Dominque D'Vita

"I already have 4 potential clients and 1 just signed on...a
couple months ago I would’ve been lucky if I had 4 clients in one year!" 

 -Shari Coltune
"As soon as I joined the program, I started getting clarity...Preston gives you the structure on exactly what you need to do to build to a successful coaching business"

- Joon Kim
"Everything has shifted in my business...I’ve already doubled my investment... I feel like I can actually communicate WHO I am, WHAT I'm creating and WHAT i'm offering...and it's finally LANDING! 

- Briony McKenzie
“I have coaching clients coming from everywhere! Now I feel so confident to go out and OWN my prices and my program!”

- Caro Flaig
"if you’re like me and you want to help people but you been hiding in the shadows because you don’t have the confidence to step out there...then Kaboom is FOR YOU."

- Conroy Browne

KABOOM is a no-fail process that gets rapid results!

This is For You If...

  • You have a beautiful vision for the world but don’t know HOW to get that vision out to the world in a way that brings in abundance…
  • ​You’re unsure of your unique voice in the marketplace - you don't know exactly who you’re supposed to be helping or exactly WHAT results you deliver 
  • ​You're obsessed with helping others but you've been hiding in the shadows because you don’t have the clarity or confidence of how to step out there
  • ​You're tired of under valuing yourself and over delivering, and unsure of how others in the industry are charging $20,000 for something you’re currently providing FOR FREE
  • ​You’re both lost and overwhelmed, wasting your time, energy and efforts ...without seeing any results
  • ​You have a resistance around even calling yourself a“coach” think everyone on instagram these days is “just another coach” but you know that you have medicine on your heart that is actually TRANSFORMATIVE
  • ​You feel a lack of support around you - you feel like a black-sheep amongst your friends or family members who don’t quite understand how this “making money online” stuff happens 

And at the end of our 10 weeks together?

You will have SYSTEMS to attract high-paying coaching clients both online and offline, you will know exactly WHAT habits lead to growing a successful business and you'll have a completely revamped mindset, EXPLODING with clarity and confidence.

Become One of Our Success Stories!

Read Some of Our #WINS. 
These are real clients in Kaboom that are experiencing AMAZING results!


Here is How it all Breaks Down...

Know Your Audience & The Exact Problem You Solve For Them

There is nothing more important than understanding the EXACT type of person who needs your coaching and the EXACT problem you solve. 

This means that when someone asks your even your mom, sister, brother, cousin, BFF and/or neighbor, they can ALL say exactly what you do and who you serve in 1 sentence. If it’s not that simple, you’ll struggle to get clients.

In Kaboom, we will take your through in-depth exercises PLUS individualized feedback to help you nail who your audience is and how you uniquely deliver transformational results. 

Know Your Voice & Message

Once you really discover who you are looking for and what their greatest challenges are, you’ll begin to develop a voice and message that speaks to your audience' pain, while also inspiring your audience with a hope for a solution.  

Your voice is what will make you distinct amongst other coaches playing in the same niche, while your message is what your ideal audience needs to hear in order to get powerful results.

While in Kaboom, we will call out the gifts we see within you and invite you to turn up the volume on how you speak your message. We will help you put concrete words to the medicine on your heart, and do so in such a way that LANDS with your ideal audience. 

Create an Irresistible Offer 

This is the most important step of all. If you’ve nailed #1 and #2 and you don’t have an actual program or one-on-one offer, then you will never get clients.

Our Kaboom modules and coaching calls will help you identify what services you have to offer and how to uniquely position yourself in a "sweet spot" so your clients will understand the indispensable value that you bring.

Once you position yourself in this way, your clients will be willing to pay you top dollar for your services. 

Be Dangerous

So many coaches play it safe when it comes to sharing their message, or calling out their beliefs. The problem is, when you play safe, you don't stand out from the crowd-- you become like every other “coach” on social media, and end up fighting for the attention of your ideal clients amongst a sea of competition. 

In Kaboom, we will teach you the exact strategies that will take you the extra mile. There is no traffic along the extra mile; if you are willing to do the things that others aren't, and willing to say the things that other's WON'T-- you will attract an audience of deeply loyal fans (...and make your competition irrelevant).

Hunt Your Clients

Too many coaches wait to “attract” the right clients, but in my opinion, this is passive, weak, and will leave you broke as h***. 

It takes tenacity and a willingness to fall to create the type of abundance needed to quit your day job. And while starting from the ground up, you must take the initiative to be seen instead of waiting to be found.

In Kaboom, I'm teaching you my unique Sales Hunting System which has literally added upwards of $150K to my coaching business each year (... you won't find anyone else teaching this!).

This system will allow you to be SEEN by your audience, all while showing up with service, integrity and authenticity...instead of coming off as desperate or salesy.

"Preston helped me triple my prices ,and I am now at a stage where I can PROVIDE for my family" 

- Laura Fox - Founder of Light Language Coaching


And we do all of this with an equal emphasis on...


The Kaboom process gives a SIMPLIFIED roadmap for getting consistent clients that will earn you $3,000, $6,000 or even $10,000 per month! We don’t believe in over-complication, confusion or overwhelm when teaching the fundamentals of skill.


Kaboom is for coaches who are ready to have their mindset and egos COMPLETELY revamped, and dismantled. We tackle the most common fears most coaches face, such as fear of being judged, fear of playing big, fear of charging premium prices or the imposter syndrome.


Kaboom is for coaches who have a heart-felt mission to CHANGE LIVES. Throughout the program, we will consistently bring you back to that space of service. You know that you were put on their earth to make a positive dent in humanity, and we're here to remind you of it. 
Meet Your Instructors

Preston Smiles

Winner of "Millennial Mentor of the Year," Preston has graced the cover of Inspired Coach Magazine and Millennial Magazine, and he has been featured on some of the biggest podcasts and media platforms in the world, such as Impact Theory and The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.

In the last 6 years, he has published 2 Best selling books with publishers Simon & Schuster, Inc., generated over 3 MILLION views on Youtube, over 7 MILLION views on his Facebook page, and created multiple 6-figures online through digital courses and masterminds.  

"I created Kaboom because it's a big part of my mission to help new coaches make more money and build a bigger impact. I've been really pissed at how the industry has been feeding on new coaches. For years I've watched marketers sell coaches "BS" stuff that doesn’t really work...and while they may be great marketers...they aren't COACHES, and they haven't walked that path before.

I have been in this industry for 15 years, have been a full-time coach for 6, and I know exactly where you are at. I know the frameworks that work when it comes to promoting your business; I know the mental struggles that come with promoting yourself and being visible, and I know how this work doesn't feel like a "job" for you, but a vocation and a MISSION for you to fulfill.

Zion Kim

Zion is the CEO of 1MT and the co-creator of the R.O.I. Method and the founder of Project Nuclear. 

He was kicked out of business school his freshman year and has since started six, 6 and 7 figure companies, two of them while still an undergrad. His company 1MT is currently on a mission to support 1 million entrepreneurs to 7 figures and beyond to add a trillion dollars to the global economy.

""I was scared to put myself out, but by Preston getting me in the game I’ve called in the right people I want to be working with"

- Sunniva Holt Founder & Author of LIFE ON YOUR TERMS

The 3 of us are here to hold your hand and show you every step of the way

It's Time For You To Succeed & Get Paid to Give Your Gifts

 Here’s How You Can Guarantee EXPLOSIVE Results in Just 10 Weeks

Lifetime Access to Our In-Depth 10 Week Curriculum

Here you can expect No-fluff straight to the point content. This is content that you will (and should) review multiple times during your business. Our modules provide the exact frameworks and exercises that 7-8 figure businesses do repeatedly, including my signature system for creating sales (instead of waiting for them!)-- that no one else is teaching.

Weekly Assignments (Warning: Often Confrontational)

If you want results you’ve never had, you must go where you haven’t gone. Kaboom is not for the light of heart. We are going to open up containers that you’ve never opened before, challenge you to face off with your fears, and proverbially “throw you off the cliff” so that you finally get into ACTION and begin creating the business of your dreams.

Hot Seat Coaching & Live Weekly Q&A’s with The ‘Dangerous Trio’

Myself and my team will come on weekly for “ask us anything” time. We will celebrate your big WINS for the week, call you FORWARD and out on what you’ve been slacking on, and tie up loose ends for you. These phone calls are an opportunity to be coached directly by me and my mentors, while receiving top insider strategies. 

Private Kaboom Facebook Group

Access to an explosive Facebook group with coaches, healers, influencers, empowerment leaders JUST like you really dialing in their online systems & packages. When you join Kaboom, you’ll work with (and honestly fall in love with) 30-40 other powerhouses on the brink of going full-time in their coaching business. This is your opportunity to be visible within a supportive tribe, get feedback on your messaging and positioning, and have others reflect back to you your power, worth, and talent. 

Small Group Coach with Personalized Feedback 

Once you join KaBOOM you will be placed in a small group of up to 6 others with a head support coach. These coaches are all graduates of KaBOOM who are exploding in their own businesses that are there to hold you in your power and walk you along the path.  This is your space to your workbook exercises and ask your personalized questions.

Newfound Clarity & Confidence

Our course outline and tailored feedback is designed to give you crystal clarity on what your gifts are, how to market them. This clarity will “OPEN THE FLOODGATES” and allow you to effortlessly produce content you’ve been sitting on (and probably dishing out for free!) for years! This clarity breeds confidence for you to step forward and put your services directly in front of your ideal clients. 

A Trigger to Pull at Any Time

Unlike other coaching programs out there, our goal is for you to NOT need us. By the end of this program, you’ll have all the resources at your disposal to consistently generate up to $10K a month for as long as you please. My goal in this program is to bring you to the water...and teach YOU how to fish. 

"I am now a 6 figure business owner, soon to be multi 6 figure business owner and I owe a lot of that to the belief that Preston saw in me that i didn't yet see in myself"

-Sarah Swain 6-figgy Biz Coach and Owner of The Great Canadian Woman Inc.

''4 Weeks in and I've already doubled my Investment!''

- Briony McKenzie - Founder of Untapped

Here's What We Cover in Our
10 Weeks Together



  • ​Adopt the mindset of what it takes to be a business owner (which is different than what it takes to be a coach!)
  • ​Tear down your ego and get anchored into your "why" and true vision for making a dent in humanity
  • Cut the energetic chords that have been holding you back from being visible online,  and finally come “out of hiding” to your family, friends, or audience online.
  • ​Create a CLEAR picture of your ideal client and exactly what problems you solve and outcomes you co-create.



  • Discover the 8 core reasons people buy and how to position your specific coaching package as an IRRESISTIBLE offer
  • ​Tell your personal transformational story in a way that's captivating, and makes a client eager to work with you
  • ​Become crystal clear on what your coaching package- what you deliver, how long you’re working with your clients, and what outcomes your clients can expect to receive
  • ​Master the 'Art of Influence' -- how to lift your energy and whole heartedly believe in your work so that your clients are magnetically drawn to your message
  • ​Build a portfolio of powerful testimonials that nearly sell your packages FOR YOU (even if you haven't officially sold you services before) 



  • Master your presence on video - Learning what to say to establish yourself as an expert and create interest amongst your ideal clients -- all with authenticity.
  • ​Discover the art of skillfully “seeding” in your videos so that your content generates “CONVERSATION” around the programs and packages you offer.
  • ​Embark on a "Social Media Challenge" that will test your comfort boundaries ...AND generate tons of buzz (HINT: We've had tons of clients get multiple sales off of this social media challenge ALONE!) 
  • Learn the exact tools and systems I am using in social media right now that creates TRIPLE the engagement that most people in the industry are receiving).



  • Learn the 7 Mindset Hacks around sales and abundance that will quiet the "wounded self" that tells you "I can't... I haven't yet...who am I do to this? How am I to CHARGE this amount?"
  • Master my Sales-Hunting System that allows you to get directly in front of your ideal clients so that they know YOU are the trusted solution to their suffering and challenges. 
  • ​Discover how to actually start conversations with your ideal clients,  what to say, and how to move from casual conversation to scheduling an enrollment call
  • ​Duplicate the exact system I use in my business to guarantee that you are only hoping on the phone with someone who is WILLING and EAGER to buy from you! (No more wasting time on tire-kickers!)



  • Receive the 6-Mindset Hacks to revisit before any sales call, so you can blast through the fear of "looking bad"
  • Learn how to approach your calls with professionalism, so that your ideal clients feel your warmth and support, but also respect you as a leader.
  • ​Learn the exact scripts I've used to achieve a closing rate of up to 90% while discovering HOW to handle sales OBJECTIONS before they even come up



  • Understand how your inner world creates your outer world and how to tap into the UNLIMITED abundance of the universe 
  • ​Rewrite and REWIRE your mindset around worthiness and receiving so that your NEW baseline is set to CONTAIN  and EXPECT your new income goals
  • ​Dismantle the unhealthy programming you internalized as a child around your identity, money beliefs, or work so that you can define, declare and DESIGN a new powerful reality. 



  • ​Optimize your assets by learning the "language that sells" so that you don’t have to come off as a pushy salesman 
  • Implement 1 simple framework into your marketing materials that instantly motivates your ideal audience to envision real results and take action to work with you 
  • ​Learn the 4 major post types to build for your audience,  the purpose of each, when to use, and how become a content producing MACHINE (regardless of your niche!)



  • Uncover your unique branding identity, using colors, shapes, fonts and visuals to capture your energy and engineer a FEELING that your clients have when in your space
  • ​Master the tools and systems for 5-minute powerful brand designs (that you can easily do yourself!) without paying thousands of dollars for high-end designers 
  • Determine how to consistently show up online in way that resonates with your audience, and aligns with your brand values



  • Discover the exact formula for creating value both offline and online so that clients are begging to PAY YOU (Note: this is different from constantly providing your services for free)
  • ​Learn how I've generated insane conversions in my business that marketing funnel strategists are SHOCKED by
  • ​Learn the difference between free content and PAID content - how to give without restraint, while successfully seeding opportunities to work with you deeper
  • ​Get rooted into a service-based mindset so that you can build your legacy with intention and integrity 



  • Discover how to ELEVATE your brand and get into the spotlight by calling in partnerships and collaborations with EASE
  • ​Learn how to rapidly grow your followers on social media (with REAL and ENGAGED followers) so that you begin cultivating an audience of prospective clients that are aligned with your message
  • ​Receive my exact templates for follow up sales emails, agreements, and waivers that I use with my one-on-one clients (that pay me up to $38,000)
What Our Clients Are Saying

You Won’t Find A Program Like This Anywhere Because We Focus on Fundamental Steps + Massive Accountability 

The key to this whole thing mastering the fundamentals, and getting HANDS-ON support.  When building this type of business, it is crucial to work with somebody who understands you, who's been there, who knows exactly what to do, who calls out your blind spots, and who challenges you to step forward. 

Having been behind multiple 6, 7 and even 8-figure companies, my team and I KNOW what works, and understand what it's like to feel discouraged and confused. 

We're committed to have you WIN, which means YOU having money come in every damn month! 

You Won’t Find A Program Like This Anywhere Because We Focus on Fundamental Steps + Massive Accountability 

The key to this whole thing mastering the fundamentals, and getting HANDS-ON support.  When building this type of business, it is crucial to work with somebody who understands you, who's been there, who knows exactly what to do, who calls out your blind spots, and who challenges you to step forward. 

Having been behind multiple 6, 7 and even 8-figure companies, my team and I KNOW what works, and understand what it's like to feel discouraged and confused. 

We're committed to have you WIN, which means YOU having money come in every damn month! 

Blase generated $4k in 4 weeks and still has another six weeks left of learning and implementation in the KABOOM program

"What I love about this is it's not sales, it's not yucky, it doesn't feel inauthentic, because it's about full alignment. 

We're not lying to anyone, it's not we're trying to manipulate people to buy things off us. 

It's actually what is on my heart-in such a way that it's packaged and I can deliver that and directly help people and directly support people. 

It is phenomenal, and as a businessman  (and) entrepreneur-- there’s a return on investment, and it's a no-brainer."

"Joining Kaboom Coaching was the BEST thing I’ve EVER done for my business and my life... in the first month I made 10k!”

Angie like many coaches, had everything it took to have a sustainable coaching business, BUT she didn’t have the CONFIDENCE and CLARITY it takes to get people wanting to work with her.

“I was homeless and had sold my car to support myself….Joining Kaboom Coaching was the BEST thing I’ve EVER done for my business and my life...and in the first month I made 10k!”

In just a few weeks of being in our with high-level ACCOUNTABILITY program… she was already exceeding past what she ever thought was possible. 

Sarah Swain, Canada
Mitch Bartram, Escondido, California
Nana De Melo, Canada
Claudia Forward, Australia


Us Holding You to Your Highest Power
Our vision is to have an army of heart-centered coaches making a high impact in the world. Because of that, our commitment to you is that we will show up as true MENTORS for you so that you are a powerful weapon for change. Bob Proctor, summed up MENTORSHIP best when he said…
“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” 
As a member of Kaboom, our commitment to you is just that. As your business mentors, we will see, understand and hold you in your highest power. We commit to offering you the highest touch, hands-on support you’ve EVER experienced in your business. And we commit to getting you results. 

There are 7.7 Billion People In This World....Several Hundred Thousand of Them Are Waiting to be Helped by YOU

The world, as amazing as it is, is also at a turning point. 

There are people committing suicide daily.  But even more people who walk around in a slow suicide: living lives of quiet desperation, lashing out and feeling hopeless. 

They NEED you to step forward.  We need as many ALIGNED powerful coaches as we can to STEP UP and STEP IN to support and lead people back to their HEARTS….

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Kaboom For?
Kaboom is for coaches & empowerment leaders that know they have the gift of transformation within them, and now want to turn that gift into a 6-figure income per year coaching business. 

Our clients range from life coaches, health & personal training coaches, energy healers, reiki therapists, hypnotherapists, spiritual mentors, business & abundance coaches, tantra coaches, lightworkers...and so much more. We have even had PhD psychotherapists or family marriage counselors going through Kaboom, who’ve been able to DOUBLE their income by bringing their clinical skills into a coaching space. 

Beyond “titles,” Kaboom is for people who have medicine on their hearts and got the “tap’ on the shoulder that they are meant to be in the business of TRANSFORMATION. 

How is the program delivered?
This 10-week high touch program is delivered 100% online-- through our online course portal, live trainings, live Q&A’s, and tons of additional support through our highly active, private facebook group.

Upon enrolling, you will immediately receive an email with details to our course access, a link to join our private facebook group, small group assignments, and a schedule for our live calls. 
Couldn’t I just learn on my own?
You could, but it would probably take you 5 years to do what we accomplish in just 10 weeks. 

Information is out there-- but we have some of the highest success rates in the world simply because of 2 things:

1) We curate the most relevant information you need, and table what you DON’T. Our approach is SIMPLE and impactful (and comes after trying nearly everything to grow a business for 10+ years!)

2) We offer extreme levels of accountability. Too often, coaches will buy a business course that never gets consumed. They’ll download worksheets for their business that they’ll never complete. And worse of all, they’ll fight the lonely battle of growing a business without someone to call out their blind spots or challenge them to step forward. Kaboom offers no place to hide. Within our tribe of high accountability, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 10 weeks.
Why should I choose this over a 1-on-1 business coach?
Members of our Kaboom tribe thrive because of the group setting. Stepping into your full power as a coach means cultivating a willingness to be SEEN--to try things on, to be messy and do it in front of OTHERS. This powerful container could not be created in a 1-on-1 environment.

Every single week there is a curriculum that everyone does and no one gets left behind. Your small groups are there to offer additional levels of accountability every single day. As you tweak, test and polish your messaging, you will have nearly up to 40 people at your back that can give prospectives and offer feedback.
I’ve done many other programs about business, online marketing, copywriting...etc. how is this different? 
Kaboom is different because we hold your hand we meet you right where you are. This high-level “in your face” accountability is the type of stuff that your ego may get upset about, but your soul will be rejoicing about and celebrating about. 

You’re finally--for the first time--going have somebody meet you right where you are and walk you through what you need to DO and accomplish internally in order to have a sustainable coaching practice.
How much of a time commitment is this?
This is completely dependent on where YOU are personally and at what level of clarity, confidence, consistency and CASH FLOW you’re at with your business. We want you to begin treating your coaching business as an actual BUSINESS, and for you to play full out in our 10-weeks together. 

Having said that, our highest performing clients typically spend roughly 5-10 hrs on Kaboom per week. Our pre-recorded content ranges anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per week, and we will have 1 one-hour group call per week. The rest of the time is spent towards completing your personal assignments and working through the mindset hurdles that we are here to support you with.
Remember, this is YOUR business and you will quickly learn that what you GIVE, you will get back.
I’ve been in business for several years now, will I benefit?
Absolutely yes! And here’s why: Kaboom will focus on refining what is working and reconfiguring what isn't. 

The truth is what you've been doing now won't work for the next level of your business and we have the experience and accountability to lead you into what that means for you. 

So if you are looking for the most relevant training for how to up-level and consistently generate results – then this program is for you.
I am new to coaching, and I don’t have a certification-- is this program right for me?
Yes. While a certification is great, it doesn't have anything to do with whether you can deliver as a coach or not. I didn't have a single certificate for the first 5 years of my business and I was definitely qualified to serve people.

For all your “certification” junkies out there… Let this land: so many amazingly powerful people get wrapped up in getting certified or a “2nd” or “3rd” certification. And let me tell you first hand that getting another certification (or getting any at ALL) is not going to move the needle for you. 

What you need a course that teaches you how to MARKET and SELL yourself. And that’s exactly what you will find in Kaboom. Amongst your supportive tribe, and our team of teams, we will help you put your gifts into ACTION. We are going to help you breakthrough b*llshit stories hold you back, how to package yourself, and how to show up consistently and BE VISIBLE – DELIVER VALUE and MAKE OFFERS to people who can say yes!
Technology completely overwhelms me, is this right for me?
We make everything easy and digestible in Kaboom, so you're good. We've had many people in their 40's and 50's come through and say "oh, that wasn't so bad after all!"

They say that because we are only concerned with what's actually needed to get you more clients and income. And believe it or not, that means VERY LITTLE TECH. No funnels. No logos. No social media required…You don’t even need a website.

If you feel there is a volcano inside of you just WAITING to erupt... 
If you've gotten a tap on the shoulder that you're meant for something big...
If you know that you've been HIDING in the shadows for too long delaying starting the business that you know you were MEANT for... 

The time is NOW. 
It's time to step forward. It's time to USE your gifts.

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